Fair Scope

The scope of VI International Exhibition - "Aviation Above All" AIR FAIR 2012: 

  • Fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft
  • Gliders, motorgliders
  • Airport equipment
  • Satellite technology
  • Power plants and fuels, consumables
  • Systems and subassemblies, equipment, accessories
  • Airlines and organizations
  • Training centres, research institutes
  • Media and aviation press
  • Weapons, equipment and personal equipment for soldiers
  • Weapons, special equipment for police, border guards and special units
  • Transport vehicles, specialized vehicles for uniformed services
  • Soldier equipment and general equipment to be used in field conditions
  • Radioelectronic and optoelectronic equipment
  • Sanitary equipment for the military and other uniformed services to be used in field conditions
  • Military medicine
  • Equipment and system provisions for crisis management centres